A proud freelance since 2006.

Your benefit 1


I work faster than an average translator thanks to:
- the most advanced and battle-tested CAT, terminology and QA software;
- standardized and continuously improved translation workflow;
- consistent data maintenance across projects, translation memories and termbases

Your benefit 2


I translate only texts that match my field of expertise, which is automotive, heavy machinery, electronics and software technology.
This narrow focus combined with a record of over 2,000 successful projects and turnkey customer service enables the level of quality yet to be offered by other freelancers and translation companies.

Your benefit 3


My freelance quotes are hard to beat because you don't pay for:
- repetitions and duplicates in your texts
- terminology and proofreading services;
- broking and project management
Instead, you get several tasty bonuses such as free data maintenance and valuable process insight.

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