A proud freelance since 2006.

Step 1

Terminology SERVICE

Accurate terminology is vital for efficient operation of advanced automotive systems, which are a dense mix of complex mechanisms, electronics and software. Even simple OBD trouble codes, if mistranslated, can foul things up and slow technicians down. My specialized terminology routine helps extract, translate and maintain mission-critical terms reliably and consistently.

Step 2

technical TRANSLATIOn

​Quality, speed or price? Luckily, you can have the best of three worlds thanks to my passion for all things automotive, decade-long translation experience and know-how.  Huge diagnostic databases, marketing campaigns and interfaces are translated here in quick sprints, to the highest standard of quality - and at an unbeatable price. Give it a spin and see for yourself!

Step 3

quality control

Each OEM service manual, dealer training program or aftermarket supplier website I localize gets checked rigorously - and at no extra cost for you. Feedback loops and process tweaks enable Kaizen-style continuous improvement while compliance with SAE 2450 Automotive Translation Metric secures the level of quality yet to be offered by competition!

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