A proud freelance since 2006.

Expertise 1


With over 2,000 translation projects under my belt and some garage wrenching in between, I'm bound to be the first-choice technical translator for your service manuals, product brochures as well as website and software interfaces.
I know how mechanical, electrical and information systems interact, and I strip every concept down to the tiniest detail
. Your benefit? Zero-tolerance terminology that always steers translation users in the right direction.

Expertise 2


Many translations I've reviewed on behalf of my clients failed for one of three reasons:
they did not perform their instructive, persuasive or assistive function; they teemed with terminology, grammar or spelling errors; or they lacked clarity, brevity and fluency.
Thanks to my robust technical writing skills, your Russian and Ukrainian texts will always do the job regardless of the task at hand.

Expertise 3


My translation process is based on incremental data maintenance, which produces a powerful 'turbo boost' effect.
First, critical terminology is extracted to ensure maximum precision. Then translation memories are developed to be recycled across multiple projects to save you money and enforce consistency. Finally, there's a 'red button' kicking in automated translation engines custom-built from all your datasets and fine-tuned for maximum speed.

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